Early Affection
By George Moses Horton
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Analysis for Poem

The poem "Early Affection" by George Moses Horton is about how the narrator was in love with someone and how he will never forget that person. I think he sums up what we all feel when we love someone; that even though the relationship might not work out, we will still love that person and will always remember the memories we had with them and remember the warm feelings. For example, in lines 11 and 12, he says, "And when life's journey ends with thee, O then look back and think of me." This lets us know that he wants that person to remember them even though it might be in a sad way. In this poem, George Moses Horton uses rhyme. The rhyme scheme of this poem is A B A B C C D E D E C C F G F G C C H I H I C C. Because this poem rhymes, it makes the poem sound very calm and sincere. George also uses alliteration in this poem in line 4 when he says, "And beauty's  blossom fades away;".